Hanoi Airport: totally surprising!

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When I book flights, I’m always on the lookout for connections that strike me as exotic and fascinating. I love takeoffs and landings, and it’s a cheap and easy way to get a tiny taste of a new country or region, as well as a chance to get new and different airport images.

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My article on www.PhotographyLife.com

My Lufthansa 747-8 D-ABYF as it pulls up to Gate 7, Terminal 1 at JFK. First flight of 8 747s around-the-world!

Hi folks!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I contributed an article to PhotographyLife.com and it’s been published!

How to Photograph Airplanes

PhotographyLife.com is a great photo site I’ve been reading for several years now and I especially like the outdoor wildlife and travel articles. The lens reviews are equally fantastic and I like the insights into the design features on the higher-end lenses.

I decided to write an article on airplane photography which is something I obviously take fairly seriously but enjoy a lot. For me, the ideal airplane photograph is one which looks cool and visceral (or serene or any intense emotion) but that also has a lot of technical quality. I like big prints and lots of resolution which can provide a lot of fine texture where wing panels and runways and smoke and mist is involved. It goes without saying that I try to be very tough on myself with focus and sharpness and post-production as well. I don’t always get there but I always try. I hope you enjoy the article!

And stay tuned for an update on my 747 around-the-world attempt! Flight #1 is in the books! Flight #2 is coming up soon…



“Pokemon for Adults” or “Why I got into Birding!” – a brief confession

Black Swan in New Zealand – Nikon D7000, 300mm f2.8, TC-20eIII, f5.6 – 1/1250 – ISO 250

So in addition to chasing planes and trains, I also run around shooting birds and keeping a list of the ones I’ve seen.

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Flying around-the-world – Part 2

Is there anything more iconic than a Qantas 747 lifting off for an exotic destination?

In 2014 I had plans to visit family in New Zealand and meet my little nephew for the first time. I decided that since I was going all that way from Toronto, I might as well make it another around-the-world flight, just for bragging rights 😉

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Flying around-the-world – Part 1

 Frankfurt is amazing for plane-spotting and photography from inside and outside the terminals. That's my 787 right there!
Look at those tails! Frankfurt is amazing for plane-spotting and photography, both inside and outside the terminals. That’s my 787!

I was always fascinated with flight, ever since growing up in Edmonton, Alberta when my Dad, on Saturday mornings, would occasionally take me to either the Municipal or International airport. I would watch the runways and get to play this really cool coin-operated game with a working toy helicopter in a great big plastic dome. And once in a while I would get to fly with Canadian or CP (in their orange paint jobs!). We even took a month-long trip to Europe in 1984 which had at least one 747, a change of airports in Montreal, and classic airlines such as Finnair and Swissair. It felt so special to be a passenger in one of those birds and I still get that feeling today!Continue Reading