I flew around-the-world in a 747!

Every flight crew signed my Poster!

I did it!

I flew around-the-world exclusively in 747’s!

The entire eastbound route of my 747 flights, starting from JFK in New York.


Well, to be more accurate, I merely sat in several aircraft while they flew around the world but they were all Boeing 747s! It would be amazing to get my ATP license and fly the planes myself but I’m not wealthy enough! It’s sad to think that we won’t be able to circumnavigate the globe in 747s in the near future but for now it’s still possible! And it’s a massive relief to complete the last flight and be able to relax finally.

I actually finished the whole endeavor weeks ago but one of my cats needed emergency surgery as soon as I came home and it’s been weeks of a hard-won recovery. I’m happy to say she is fully recovered and I can start to focus on posting trip reports and some of the great sites where I managed to shoot birds and planes in various countries. Stay tuned!

Final approach into Bangkok and a totally new country and culture for me…suffice to say I was a little nervous but very excited

In the meantime, here are some facts and figures from my trip, which has been in the planning for about two years now.

Length of Trip – 22 days

Miles Flown on 747s – 29,174

Flights in 747s – 8

Total Flights – 13

Airlines – 6 (Lufthansa, Thai Airways, China Airlines, Qantas, Virgin Australia (non 747 short-hauls), Delta(positioning flights)

Total number of image and video files – over 44,400 (1.7 Tb of data)

Memory Cards lost – 2

Bitten by a Sulpher-crested Cockatoo? – Yes

Sucked by a leech in the jungle? – Yes

Threw up on the Great Barrier Reef? – All day long

Would do it all again? Hell yes! (except maybe the leech)

Shot from “The Mound” at Sydney Airport…